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Rolex is a name best known for classic timepieces that withstand the test of time but the watchmaker took a bit of a walk on the wild side with the introduction of a new version of the iconic Yacht-Master model. The latest Rolex Yacht-Master is a stunning black-and-gold version that will be available in both 37mm and 40mm sizes.
The case and matching safety clasp are crafted from Rolex replica sale patented Everose gold, an alloy made from gold, copper and platinum. In contrast to the shining Everose gold, the rest of the Yacht-Master wears basic black from the matte black dial to the Oysterflex bracelet. Standing out from the black dial are a Cerachrom ceramic insert with polished black numerals, luminous Chromalight-treated hands and hour markers. That black Osyterflex bracelet may look like a standard rubber strap but it comes equipped with what Rolex calls a longitudinal cushion system that combines the stability of a bracelet with the comfort of a strap.
Mechanical automatic movements power both sizes of the Rolex Oyster Yacht Master, the Caliber 3135 for the 40mm model and the Caliber 2236 for the 37mm version. The case is water-resistant to 300 meters or 330 feet.
The inspiration for the new timepiece was a unique submersible vessel called the Deepsea Challenger. This submersible was the result of a collaboration between Cameron and Rolex, plus a few other companies. The vessel is capable of diving to a depth of 11,000 meters beneath the Pacific Ocean, allowing views of sea life never before seen by man. Cameron piloted the Deepsea Challenger himself and recorded the adventure in a documentary film called Deepsea Challenge 3D that is now in limited release. Cameron stated that the vessel gave him the ability to see another world as well as make a contribution to scientific exploration of the deep.
But getting back to the fake Rolex watches, this is hardly the first time Rolex has created a water resistant watch. The brand history goes back to the 1926 Oyster and later the Submariner. The Rolex Deepsea D-Blue is a smaller version of the much larger experimental watch that took a dive to the bottom of the sea with Cameron and the Deepsea Challenger, a dive that the super-size watch survived. That dive inspired the face of the watch, which has a deep blue dial that shades into deeper black with the word Deepsea in a bright sea green. Other than the distinctive dial, this is pretty much the same Sea-Dweller Deepsea 116660 super dive watch that Rolex has been producing for a while. Features include a 44 mm wide steel case, Monobloc middle case with Helium Escape Valve and Cerachrom black ceramic bezel insert. The 17.7 mm-thick steel case uses the Oyster + Ringlock system and has a 5.5 mm Sapphire crystal. The replica Rolex sale Deepsea D-Blue watch is water-resistant to an impressive 3,900 meters or 12,800 feet.
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